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From now on you tell me exactly where you’re going! I heard the alarm, and I cam straight up. Check the camera logs if you have to. It doesn’t work I’ll be in the back. Somnus track, laid in. Is everything alright Harry? You appear stressed. Harry? You mustn’t. Your well being is my priority. Leave me alone Meryl. Vessel approaching Games Reduce speed now, please respond Games contact control immediately Games Harry? What is it? What are you doing down here? I couldn’t find you. I sometimes come down here for some peace and. What is all this? Listening kit, it used to be a spy ship, until she got too old. What should we do with the body? Just leave it. It’s the best place for it I think, until we get. Do we need access to that section? We shouldn’t do, unless we need to check on I think that’s a bad idea. Did you manage to speak to him? No, he was already gone. He’s left us in a bit of a mess eh? You didn’t need to be so hard on him. He must have been scared, I know he had unfinished business. Anyway, he’s gone, it was quick. What’s that? Oh, it’s Paula’s. Sorry, I forgot. It’s hard to stop thinking about her. We have arrived at the coordinates. Get to the docking controls, I’ll suit up. Am I not going down? Someone’s got to stay onboard. Have you got a problem with that? Fine I cannot check the interior of the station for pathogens or toxins. I recommend you take full biohazard precautions. Three meters, two meters one meter, soft dock, clamps locking, safe to unlock. Harry! Harry! Harry! There’s no point trying to ignore me love, you know I don’t like it when you go all quiet. Don’t, I told you, I told you this would happen! I said, you need to make yourself useful! I can’t wait around for ever! You know that don’t you? I am useful! Yes I am, father said I was, you idiot, you useless idiot! I haven’t seen you around here before. That’s right Games You just got here. What the are you doing? What does it look like? Have you been in space too long? Have you gone a bit potty? It’s okay, what the hell is that thing?