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It’s not just talk I’ve sent him to hell I fixed Aryan Khanna for good First in London, then in Dubrovnik I made my way into his house too Smashed everything in sight If you don’t believe me, read the papers. Watch TV or the Net Your Gaurav is famous the world over I’m no less than Aryan Not at all lam a star in real life Not a star. A monster What? They all think you’re a star While you shamed lnder Vihar Listen to her I became a monster for her I don’t want to know a monster A monster! Forget it Take my hand and say: “I love you too” Let go I won’t I’m very sorry, Neha Are you ok? Thank you Aryan. He’s a good guy Gaurav! Get down! Enough! Enough of this game Get up! I am happy in my life Can’t you be happy in yours? Be a good son to your parents A good friend, a good boyfriend Stop being a fan What’s the difference between us? I came from the same streets I had normal parents like you A regular house, regular school, regular friends I made my way up alone Not in anyone’s shadow I’m human I laugh and cry, get mad like you. I have a family. Responsibilities I don’t have the time to meet all my fans I’ll say it again I’ll forget all this You do the same Start over Not as Junior Aryan Khanna See how it feels like to be Gaurav Chandna Come! The joy of living as yourself Radios Radioscannot be matched by living as another Stop now Live your life Let me live mine Where to, Senior? You destroyed me and ask me to let you live your life? And my life? You took everything from me My parents’ love Neha’s friendship My neighbours’ smiles You were my lifeline, Senior You cut the connection OK. I’ll do as you say I’ll stop this game I can separate myself from you But you can never separate my name from yours You said everything But you never said sorry Gaurav! No, Gaurav It’s not over Think of your parents Stop this madness Forget it. You won’t understand Aryan Khanna has cleared his name completely But lnder Vihar’s Gaurav Chandna Radios Radioshas tied his name to superstar Aryan’s name forever A wave of love greets Aryan’s