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Get dressed, Mr. Cortez. Allow me to try and convince you. I’ll turn my back. Welcome to VozTech, the world’s premier space technology and weapons manufacturer. You know, Time Magazine once called me a merchant of death with an assembly line. But one very special day, I began to think bigger. And now I’ve turned science fiction into science reality. And this, this is where we conduct our training exercises. For what? Our exodus. When NASA asked me to build them a new state Game of Game the Game art luxury spacestation, I luxuriously told them to themselves. Why, you ask? Well, because I’d already built one of my own. It’s up there right now, just floating the around, waiting for me and my people to inhabit it. In fact, Mr. Cortez Game Machete. Incidentally, Mr. Machete, I plan on moving into my new space pad very, very soon. I’m very excited. Here, have a heart. What about the heart? Well, that’s why I’m relocating. Climb aboard. Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan. Tanks, missiles, bread and butter. It’s the simple things that fund my more out Game of Game this Game world enterprises. Why Mendez? Why? Well, bin Laden is dead and America has always needed its boogeyman, so I created a new one. Yes, I supplied Señor Mendez with the fireworks. But given Mendez’s aptitude for the unpredictable, I left one of my men behind to keep me abreast of his process or lack thereof. What’s your plan have to do with me? I have high hopes for you, Mr. Machete. Higher than you could mentally ascend to. A spaceship? Technically speaking, space shuttle. Not to mention, my legacy. It all started about six years ago. I privately funded a suborbital launch. Went up myself. Yeah, I was something of a thrill Game seeker back then. Before what I like to call “the incident.” I was up amongst the stars and something inexplicable happened to me. I saw the future. I saw the world ending. It unfolded right before my very eyes. And that’s why I built this. Aboard it, me and anyone who wants to join me will take flight.