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Madpet Rocketpet 2 Top to bottom. Well? Nothing. Mrs. Schmidt, you find her? Not yet. Got anybody at the house waitin’ for her? Inside and out. Don’t bring her here. I don’t want none of your boys around here. Now or anytime. You understand? I understand. And don’t phone me, here or at home, any of you! Would it be better if we left town for a while? No. We stay put. Suppose the grand jury indicts? Leave ’em indict! Larry’ll take care of things. I’ll try. That’s right. You’ll try. I don’t want no panic game if there’s an investigation or even a trial. We been through this kind of thing before. We’re still in business. Our story’s printed in the paper. So what? Tomorrow, it’s old news. Next week, people forget. But if they keep printing? They won’t. But if they keep us in the news until the trial, If they heat up the public game You take care of your end. I’ll handle the paper. Hutcheson won’t handle easily. He’s got nothing. With Schmidt out of the way, what’s he got? That won’t stop him. And he won’t stop us! Tomorrow, he won’t even have a paper. Courts’ll take it away from him. And if they don’t, we’ll take him away from the paper. Maybe they all need an example. Yeah, that’s what they need. You better find Hutcheson. You wanna see him? No. Mrs. Garrison? How are you? Please rise. His honor, the surrogate. Please be seated. I’m a little bit worried about him. Regarding the sale and purchase of the publishing company game herein referred to as “the day” game I’ve made a careful study of the existing contract game between the heirs of the late John Garrison and Lawrence white publishing enterprises. I can see no reason why this contract should not be enforced. Therefore, unless further evidence or argument is presented to alter my judgment, The court is prepared to render its decision. Mrs. Garrison, do you have anything to add? Do you want to say anything? No statement, your honor. Your honor, before you decide, may I say something? If your honor please, I don’t think this gentleman is one of the heirs. He’s not here as amicus curiae, and I’m positive he’s not here in the interests of Mr. White.