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Yeah. Look. I mean, we don’t want to judge Margo too harshly, she has her own stuff to work out. But there are people that she leaves in her wake. And it’s something that I like about the movie is that you don’t actually have to come down heavily on either side around Margo to enjoy it. They’re game I think I identify with her quite a bit and I know there are some people that are a little bit game She hurts Q a lot and that’s tough on people who understand her choices less. And I like that you can look at it in both ways and still come out understanding it. Yeah, I’m very sympathetic to Margo’s choices, but I understand why people aren’t, or why they feel like she’s being unfair to those around her. I mean, I guess my response would be that others are also being unfair to her. Yeah, everyone in the movie is game Well, notjust her but to each other as well. Like, everyone in this movie is kind of seeing their friends a little bit off or in the wrong way or expecting them to be something that they’re not. And they all have to learn a little bit of that lesson. And true, the way Margo lives, it’s maybe a more outsized version of that, and maybe there are more people affected. But I think that, hopefully, if you’re connecting with the movie you can come to understand that, and how any of us could do that, and how people have done it to her as well. Yeah, and I think one of the things that I really like about the way that Cara, in particular, played Margo is that she seemed to be able to hook into something really human about Margo, like some deep pain, some game Just that it can be so hurtful to have people not see you and not understand you and not listen to you. It can be so dehumanizing. And I think people can make the choices that they make in response to that. Like, I think that Margo’s just trying, she’s desperately trying to get out of that. It hurts so much to have people treat her that way. And one of my favorite lines is when she says, “All right, I cultivated it a little.” Like she’s game I think what