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Bottoms up, Tjaden, you’re not keeping up with us. Maybe we should draw lots? You lose. Bonsoir. Bonsoir. This looks like the right line-up, huh? I’m all for this one. You like yours, Albert? Yes. Paul? Mais tu es blanc comme neige, je crois. Er.. Est-ce que je me trompe, petit bon homme. Oui! Mon petit soldat. Viens. Viens! Non, non. Ici. Quelle age a-tu? Eh? Ton age? No.. Quelle age a-tu? Ah! I’m nineteen. Nineteen.. Nineteen.. Oh! Vingt-cinq ans? Vraiment? Je ne crois pas. The room grows dim, and dissolves in the half light, and only the face above me lives and is clear. The face is touched with a tenderness that comes out of the night, and I let it all fall from me, war and terror and grossness, in order to awaken young and happy. Look out! Look out! Take cover! My leg! Come on, Albert! Up! Up! Come on, boys, a little bit more. Down! Stay down! I’ll be right back! Hey! Paul! Take care! Kat. Kat! Kat, come on! All right. Easy, easy. From Kat. What is it? It’s a long ride. Oh, bread and cheese! He could find a lobster dinner in the middle of the desert! Goodbye. Take care, Paul. Bye. Albert and I are in a Catholic hospital. This is a piece of luck. Because the Catholic infirmaries are noted for their good treatment and good food. We were wheeled in the night before directly from the train. None of us has slept very well. Won’t see him again. Why not? They taken his clothes. That means he’s off to the “Dead Room”. The “Dead Room”? What’s the “Dead Room”? The Dying Room, whatever you want to call it. It’s a little place in the basement. Whenever anybody wants to go there and say “Goodbye, world! Goodbye, life!” they take him there. It’s convenient really. It’s next to the mortuary. No one ever comes back from it. The beds empty quickly, and new occupants take their places. It is going badly with Albert. He is in much pain. Last night one of our wardmates awakened with a severe haemorrhage. He has been only semi-conscious today. The doctors look in more often. They won’t take me! No! NO! We’re taking you to the bandaging room