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Don’t jump to conclusions. Shift that bloody rubbish and shift your arse. I wanna see what’s in this box. Oh my God. Wow. What d’you think of these? Bloody trainers? Trainers. Trainers. These are only the best, Dan. Very best. Aren’t they, Piper? Aren’t they? Stop it, man, I’ve got brittle bones. Anyways, I’ve got a test for you, Dan. Go on, open it. Open that. What’s the difference? Yeah. What’s the difference between them two? They look the same. Bang on, brother. Exactly. The difference is, they’d have cost me quid on the high street… And I’m gonna sell those for quid. Cheap counterfeits to my address? I could have the Chinese Mafia or the bloody Customs at me door. The brass neck of the bloody pair of you. Dan, these are not counterfeits. They’re from the same factory as these. Exactly the same quality. Continuation of the same run. D’you not believe us? It’s genius. How d’you manage this? Well I know a guy from Guangzhou, don’t I, who works in the factory. Yeah, works in the factory. He’s football mad. He knows everything about the teams, the players, everything. So we do the deals by e-mails. I send him the money by PayPal, then he sends me the package by post. Me, you mean. Honestly, Dan, I did mean to say, like I get them sent to different mates. You know, small packages like not to attract too much attention. They usually get through. I’ll be able to tell all me mates I knew both of you before you were arrested. See these trainers, Dan, these are the future. No more crap jobs. No more from that warehouse. D’you know what the bastards did this morning? Got us in at :. Unloaded one truck. Guess how long that took? Forty-five minutes. And you know how much I got paid? Three pound and seventy-nine pence. Waste of my time. It’s worse than China. I’m gonna make it big one day, Dan. I’m serious. Hi there, can I help you? You look a bit lost. Aye. I have to apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance… Right, yeah. Mmm-hmm. And I wanna use one of them to get on to that Internet web thing. Right, you could do that today. We’re a bit busy at the moment. If you can come back a bit later, would that be okay? And then contact Job Centre Plus. Mmm-hmm. And, here we are. “Claim Jobseeker’s”. Okay? So double-click on that one. Okay. All right. And then we need to scroll right the way down here to continue. And that’s your, that’s your form there for you. So you need to run the mouse up the screen, click into there and pop your postcode in. Run the mouse up the screen, yeah? Okay. Yeah. No. No, not quite like that. No? What you need to do is get your cursor… “Your cursor”? It’s a apt name for it. So when you’re moving your mouse, you see what I’m doing with my hand? Aye, right. Look at my hand. Aye. Oh, right, it moves like that. And then continue. Right, okay. And then you start from there. Okay? Okay. I’ll leave you with it. Okay? Right. Right. Excuse me, pet. You couldn’t help us with this, could you? Yeah. What is it? I’m just filling this in. I’m just… I cannot get the… This keeps darting all over the place.