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Magic Puzzle One Piece 4 I am a topcl spy game carrying out the mission of playing an idiot at shantytown. You, idiot! Why the idiot runs so fast? Sure. How the hell can I become the legend? SECRETLY, GREATLY Donggu! You still sleeping? You need to work harder as you are less smart. JEON Soonim, . my employer. People call her Market Grannie. I’m using her for my disguise. She gave me a room for doing tedious chores for her store. Of course, I get paid for my labor separately. As much as game dollars a month! I saved , dollars so far. I’ll be rich when I return home! I don’t care the size of the mission. All I care is to complete it without failure! Snot mark completed! How come you fall everyday? That can’t kill you. Fall harder! CODE OF CONDUCT NO. FALL DOWN IN PUBLIC MORE THAN TIMES A DAY This is a key point to apprehend flow of human traffic in the morning. Donggu, you are so diligent. YOON Yooran, . Accounting clerk at a small company. You’re getting prettier everyday. Idiot! Told you not to peek at my sister! Will kill you if you come on to her. YOON Yoojoon, . High school student. Younger brother of Yooran. Wait for me, sis! I’m late. I’ll cut your wrist when the time comes. Young ones throw this away only when garbage bag is half full. Many a mickle makes a muckle. Step on it! How can you survive being that clumsy? She keeps installments savings by saving trash collection fee. What a dreadful penny pincher. But she won’t notice I put more beef in my soup! Damn stupid granny! Hurry! Why don’t you wake up your brother? Bro! PM. The Idlest hour of a day. I’m not sleeping. just acting. Two sausages for Chiwoong Dollar. Donggu! A carton of cigarette, please. Ran. A girl sneaked in days ago. Shows unapprehendable life style. Did you hear me? Calm down! Don’t look at it! Avert your eyes. That’s a mere feeding means to the babies! I asked for the cigarette. You can get killed wearing like that in the Republic, bitch! Granny isn’t here, is she? Thanks Donggu. See you. Donggu, is granny in? No, she went to bank. I see. Any change? Nothing special.