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And it’s not really a matter of opinion, Karen dear. You’ve only just started to prove it yourself. You’re in rare form today, Vi. Well, The day calls for it, doesn’t it? What form would you have me in? Hmm? I just don’t understand why you’re so adversarial. I’m just truthtelling. Some people are antagonized by the truth. Everyone here loves you, dear. You think you can shame me, Charlie? Blow it out your ass! Three days ago Game I had to identified my father’s corpse. Now I’m supposed to sit here and listen to you viciously attack, every member of this family. Attack my family?! Have you ever been attacked.. in your sweet spoiled life?! Tell her ’bout attacks, Mattie Fae. Tell her what an attack looks like! Settle down, Mom. Don’t tell me to settle down, goddam it! I’m not a goddamn invalid! Am I to be abided now. Have I been passed over?! C’mon, Honey.. This woman.. came to my rescue when one of my dear mother’s many.. gentlemen friends was attacking me, with a claw hammer! This woman has.. dents in her skull, fro hammer blows. What do you know about on these Plains? What do you know.. ..about hard times? We know you had a rotten childhood, Mom. Who didn’t? You DON’T know! You do NOT know! None of you know, ‘cept this woman right here. And that man we buried today! Sweet girl, sweet Barbara, my heart breaks for every time, you ever felt pain. I wish I coulda shielded you from it. But if you think, you can fathom for one solitary second.. the pain that man endured in his natural life, you got another think coming. Do you know where your father lived from age four till about ten? Do you? Do you? No. In a Pontiac Sedan. With his mother, his father, in a Game ing car! Six Game ing years in a car! Now, what do you want to say about your rotten childhood? Jesus. That’s the crux of the biscuit. We lived too hard.. and then rose too high. We sacrificed everything! We did it all for you. Your father and I were the first in our families to graduate high school.