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JPL called the Left Field, and it actually has these toys, sort of a kid’s dream. Has big boxes of LEGOs, and scientists and engineers get together and actually construct something that looks a little bit like the spacecraft they want. Lift off of the Atlas with Juno on a trek to Jupiter. The Juno project is a NASA mission that was launched in August of to go to Jupiter, and we will use our instruments to learn about Jupiter’s formation and other solar systems around other stars. But the LEGO system was not just a part of the design process. We’re onboard! NASA engineers have mounted three aluminum friends of mine to the hull of the Juno spacecraft. The three minifigures are modeled after Galileo the scientist, Jupiter the god and the goddess Juno. They’re attached to the main deck of the spacecraft. They were made by the LEGO company, to NASA specifications, of a special spacecraft-grade aluminum. Sometimes I imagine, what are they seeing in their voyage? They’re able to see this incredible view. In fact, they’re seeing the view that we all want to see. We’re living vicariously through these LEGO minifigures. They represent humanity in many ways. Almost everything in the universe is built from something else, some fundamental building block like an atom or a molecule, and for me, LEGO represents one of those fundamental building blocks. And look how many things we’ve built from this simple toy. Action. Action. Cut! TELEPHONE RINGING TELEPHONE RINGS GASPS Release the hounds! Now, was that game was this a joke? Was this supposed to be funny? ‘Cause I don’t know if I game I certainly don’t get this. Who wrote this?