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nd nicer, today. Good afternoon, sir. A very good afternoon, Dr. Mathur. But sir. -Yes, yes, l know. l’ve come a few days in advance. But l couldn’t help it. l’ve waited so many years. .but now that we’re so close to success. .being patient is very difficult. Must say you and yourteam deserve credit. .for making my dream come true again. Sir, the credit goes to Rohit Mehra. lf it wasn’t for his notes and research. .it was impossible to build that computer again. Absolute genius!-You’re right, sir The computerthat Rohit made in years. .has taken us so many years to make. That’s why l still miss him. Excuse me People say ”Who has seen the future?” But in a few days, you and l. .will change this forever. Breaking news! Afteryears of struggle, hard work, research and patience. .Dr. Siddhant Arya’s most ambitious project is about to be completed. According to our correspondent, in just a few days. .Dr Arya will be able to predict the future of individuals, countries and the world! He’ll also be able to change the course of their destinies. And the truth is, one who can see and change the future. .is considered like God! Wrong! Not Like God. He is God! l will be God. Now no one can stop me. We’re already late and then this is how you park the car? l can’t even open the door! How am l going to get out? But neither can l! Great! Let’s just sit in the car and stare at each other! You always mess things up! Krishna’s flight must have landed. .he must be looking for us. l’m sorry, Sir! You’re not hurt, are you? Krishna Krishna, you’re looking is so good in these clothes. They are my fathers. Krishna, welcome to Singapore! O my god! You look so handsome! You two have come alone? How can two people be ‘alone’? No! l mean, hasn’t your mother come with you? Mother? ls she also coming here? lt would’ve been nice if she were here. l’d have asked foryour hand and gone back to lndia immediately. Grandma’s all alone, you see. He’s in a tearing hurry! Has he brought a priest along to solemnise the wedding? Shut up! What happened?