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Magician Wars the smell of her kitchen, her talking while she prepared the meals, her Christmas rolls.You saw what happened they’re talking about Phil’s dad. He’s a judge, right? Yeah. It was on all three networks. The boys are not allowed TVs in their rooms. Luis Cali, his son, is, uh, passionately devoted to his father. Took over the palace of justice down there trying to get his father back. The judge and two others were killed. Is he in trouble? No. Something about Colombia. Good coffee. Now, you know why they have to take these precautions. Your whole family will be put in a very safe place. They’re taking him out today. Oh, hey, hey, hey! Where? We can’t tell you that, son, but it will be a secure military installation. You gentlemen may as well come in, help your roommate pack. See you soon. Good luck. We look forward to having you back. Thanks, sir. You too. All right. Billy. see you later, Phil. Rock ‘n’ roll. Were you off campus yesterday? I’m on probation, sir. I’m not allowed off campus. That’s right. I forgot. You know, somebody spray painted the Sheriff’s car yesterday. Wrote the word “rejects” all over it. No kidding. Mmhmm. Hmm. All right, you got away with it this time. Just remember, I’m always gonna be watching you. Lights out, boys. Eat shit, Mr. Peterson! There go the Dean and the Headmaster. I can’t go, man. This paper’s due in the morning. Come on. They’re ready. Let’s go, let’s go. Come on! Let’s go. Billy, this is your homework. That’s good. That’s good. Come on. Let’s go. Take it easy, man. You’re gonna break the window. Am not. Shut up, Snuffy! Blow me. Mine never come out like hers. And l wonder why l cry so much while l make them. lt must be that l’m as sensitive to onions as Tita, my greataunt. She’ll continue to live as long as someone cooks her recipes.