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Magnificent Heroes Challenge 4 You told to put down but you didn’t tell the place clearly Keeping days for the competition you are cleaning the car Go for practice Don’t get tensed, killer I’ll win in the competition and build a Taj Mahal for Reethu What about me? I’ve already fixed a palace for you I’ll kill you Karthik called me and told that he’s at Trivandram That short Karthik!? Pack your bag We are going there for days I can’t come If you want you can go I told him that we both are coming It’s just days Go killer Go Siri, you can enjoy it I won’t go He is practicing with the band already he quarreled I am very tense what is going to happen next? I won’t come anywhere until the show gets over Whatever I plan it wouldn’t happen Oh mom! Move Reethu! Are you mad? Want to get irritated for this small thing? Are you hurt badly? You know how important this show is for him How will he perform now? Just days left Do you know how idiotically you behaved? It would be nice if you hadn’t come here I didn’t do wantonly Leave the topic Come, let’s see the doctor in the resort For what? Having concern on me, Siri scolded you in the evening Don’t misunderstand her This is too much Why should l misunderstand her? Who scolded me? It is Siri She has the rights to scold me No need your explanation for this You are bothering too much Go take rest To give medicine to Chandu Already I’ve given to him You go spend some time with him He’ll feel better then Don’t spend too much time He’ll get tired if he skips his sleep Isn’t it small injury? Small injury, but his fingers got crushed Don’t know how he will play the guitar in the competition? Competition won’t be stopped if he doesn’t play the guitar If Siri calls you again ask her to come back There is no problem for my finger I don’t know whether it is right or not talking like this in this time As a friend I should tell this to you You went to Mumbai to study MBA but learned music and cheated everyone Everytime when you were doing like that I supported you But this minutes are not like that This competition is not between you and the other bands This competition