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Her husband came running down the street yelling for a cab. I slammed on my brakes and went in after her. I got her halfway into the cab but I figured it’s best that we don’t move her. Give me a hand, Joe. Easy. Easy does it. Get a blanket. This makes the third baby I’ve delivered in the last two months. You should have been a doctor. Doctor Kelly. I’ll take it. Take it easy, will you? How many babies you think I’ve handled already this week? I don’t care how many you’ve handled. Take it easy. You talk like you’re its father or something. You got any kids? On my pay? Who is it? Stubby Kelly. Back again? Game What you been doing? Game Goofin’ I thought you were supposed to be home before now. No, I’m working, remember? Your old man thinks you’re still bell hopping here? Yeah, sure. Pretty gullible isn’t he? He’s a square. But he’d really go to bat for you if you got into a jam wouldn’t he? Naturally. He’d really go all out? I’m his son, ain’t I? You ever tell him that you know me? No, I ain’t told Johnny or my old man. You told me not to. There may just come a time that I want you to tell them. How do you figure I’m ever going to get in a jam? I feel like I’m rotting away. Standing on the street corner whistling at dolls. Running and getting sandwiches and stuff for the guys in the pool hall. I had more fun when I was a bellhop here. Why don’t you let me go with you some time? I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I just want to turn a trick with you. How about tonight? Are you kidding? Tonight’s the night you go with me. Oh, man. That’s it over there. You follow me over and not too close. I’m going in through the freight chute. I want you to help me open it. I’m going in with you, ain’t I? No. As soon as I’m out of sight, you come back and wait here in the car. Anybody asks you why you’re sitting here Games Games tell them Games Game Games tell’em you’re waiting for your old man. Game OK. Fister Building. That’s funny. What’s funny about it? Nothing.