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That’s Johnny’s car. He must still be on that Continental Hotel call. Game Let’s go in on that call. Game OK by me. Car , . Go ahead, . Did report? Not yet. They’re tied up. We’ll go in on that call. OK Car . Silver Frolics on Wabash. Is he mechanical or is he real? Watch him walk. Watch him move. Then guess whether he’s made of wax, metal and putty Games Games or is he of flesh and blood? What is it? What’s the matter? Nothing. It’s nothing. The police? Yeah. One of them is Kelly. You boys want a good table with a nice view? Game Are you kidding? Game We’re just looking around. Officer Kelly. Game Officer Kelly? Game Yeah. Who are you? Mrs. Penrod Biddel. Are you looking for Hayes Stewart? Yeah, I am. How did you know? The deal has changed. Arrest him. He just shot my husband. Deal? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Come on, we’ll pick him up. Where is he? He’s upstairs but I can’t go. What’s the matter, lady? If he knew I pointed him out, he’d kill me. We’ll protect you from him. Come along. I’ll handle it. Hayes Stewart? What is this? Don’t you know? Is your name Kelly? John Kelly? Yeah, that’s my name. That’s different. I’ve been looking for you. Well, what do you know? I’ve been looking for you. Game Fine. Are you ready to take me? Game Yeah, I’m all ready. Well Games You sure you got this straight? I’m positive. Well, OK. But it won’t be Indiana. I want you to take me to Cicero instead. Are you crazy? I’m taking you down to the detective bureau. You’re under arrest for shooting Penrod Biddel. Quit being cute, copper. You made a deal with Biddel to take me out of town. A deal to do what? You’re Officer John Kelly, aren’t you? That’s right. Oh. I get it. It’s suddenly crystal clear. Hayes. Hayes, Hayes. Here. What happened? Tell me what happened over there. Anybody get hurt or anything like that? What happened? Tell the kid what happened, Lydia. Quit pointing that gun at me. Am I, sweetheart? Am I? Game I’m going.