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Not just any a cappella group. The Bellas are an institution. My days as a Bella were the best game Best days of your life. I know. And I can’t wait to be one. Unless they don’t take me, Mom. Oh, no, honey, they’re gonna take you. Thanks to me, you were born into it. And then I’m gonna be your mother game And your sister Gross. Okay. All right, the next phase of my life begins. Hold on. There is nothing in here that strips us of our national title. And if we’re still reigning champs, then we are automatically invited to represent America at the World Championships this spring. Ah, yes, the World Championships of A Cappella, where, every four years, groups from around the globe compete for world domination. I’m sorry. I just feel like I always have to be on, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Well, look, ladies, we can’t stop you from going to the Worlds competition. It’s not gonna help your case here. Not at all. What if we win it? What if you win it? Like, you game You out-perform the other groups? How do you fit such big dreams in such a small body? What if you win it? Never. What if you win it? Yeah. If we win, will you reinstate us? Sure. But no American team has ever won. That’s because they hate us. The whole world. The whole world hates us. Hate us. Hello, fresh-persons! Welcome to Barden University! Okay! The Barden Knight. Okay, get off the stage. No one cares about you. All right. You have made a great choice, and a cheap one. Yay, Barden! We have a very special performance for you guys today. The pride and joy of Barden University, the Treblamakers! Thank you! Thank you, thank you. We are the Treblemakers. I’m Jesse, and this is a cappella. Let’s do this! Hey yo, Trebles! Someone drop some bass. Now I need some baritone. All right! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Chloe, don’t blame yourself. Oh, my God! You’re a ginger. That’s punishment enough. This is not all your fault. This is on all of us. So, if we don’t win the Worlds, then what are we? Just a bunch of girls that hang out? What’s wrong with that? If we