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that part of herself. That smells so good. It’s apple. You want some? Sure, I do. Hey, did I ever tell you the story of Raymond Qualls? That’s a Boy I had a crush on when I was thirteen or so. Roughlooking boy, beatup jeans and messy hair. Terrible underbite. But he had these beautiful cowboy boots, shiny chocolate leather. He was so proud of those boots, you could tell, the way.. he’d strut around, all arms and elbows, puffed up and cocksure. I convinced myself that I needed to get a girly pair of those boots; and I was sure if I did that that he’d ask me to go steady. You know, He’d see me in those boots and say “That’s the gal for me.” Oh, gosh! So, I found the boots in a window downtown, And, I just went crazy! Praying for those boots, I’m rehearsing the.. conversation that I’d have with Raymond when he saw me in my boots. Must’ve asked my momma a hundred times if I could get those boots. ” Vi, What do you want for Christmas?” “Momma, I’ll give all of it up just to have those boots.” Bargaining.. So, She started laying little hints around about box a package under the tree.. she had wrapped up, about the size of a boot box, Real nice wrapping paper. “Now, Vi, don’t you cheat and don’t you go in there before Christmas morning.” Little smile on her face. Christmas morning, I was up like a shot, boy, under the tree, I was tearing the paper Game There were boots in there, men’s work boots, holes in the toes, chewed up laces and.. caked in mud.. Caked in mud and dog shit. Lord, my momma laughed for days. Please, don’t tell me that’s the end of the story. Oh, no. That.. That’s the end. You never got the boots? No, huhuh. My momma was a mean.. nastymean old lady. I suppose that’s where I get it.. ..from. You’re not nastymean. You’re our mother and we love you. Is the coast clear? Never very. What are you watching? Television. Can I watch it with you? I wish you would. Are you mad at me? Nope. I was trying to be brave. I know.