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I want you to go to bed. What about Russia, if I go to bed? Oh, why not leave that to your chancellors and ministers? Gasps Oh, darling! You should go to bed. Dr. Marsden said so. Oh, please. How is Her Majesty tonight? Worse? Worse than she has any idea of, so Dr. Marsden says. Don’t take it away. Read it to me, Catherine. Yes. I will. What is it? It’s a report from the governor of Kiev. The peasants are in revolt. Bad crops. Famine. The governor asks for military reinforcements to suppress the rebellion. What do you think? Shall I send the military? No. Famine cannot be suppressed by bullets. One should send fiour and corn from other territories where the crops were good. Hmm. So that’s what you think about the peasants’ revolt? Yes. When my peasants revolt, I should hang my governors. Good. Very good, little Catherine. Will Your Majesty appear at the ball, or shall we stop it? Her Majesty must go to bed. Where is the grand duke? At the ball. The ball must go on. Stay here, Catherine. Deal with these. You think I can? You can very well. Orchestra Continues Your Highness is looking very happy tonight. So I ought to be, with so many friends around me. All perfectly charming and all perfectly new! Your Highness can scarcely call me a new friend. I can scarcely call you a friend of any kind, my dear prince. Laughing Only last week you practically ignored my existence. Oh, no, Your Highness. Oh, yes. But last week Last week Her Imperial Majesty had not yet been taken seriously ill. Elisabeth Ogarev! Is the grand duke still in the ballroom? I think His Highness has gone. Don’t try to lie to me, idiot. Gone? just when the weathercocks are beginning to gather around him? How many of them are licking his boots at this moment? Ten, , ? There are a few gentlemen around His Highness. Hmm. He feels he’s the czar already and he thinks I’m already in the grave. The, uh, funeral cortege of my lamented aunt will pass through every main street in Petersburg. We’ll invite, uh Oh, we’ll invite everybody. I’ll go and spoil his love scene.