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Mario Escape To me, it’s about taking two characters, and their attitudes, and finding their connection. But everything you say happens didn’t happen during filming but during editing. It’s the editing that creates these things, that brings them forth. The camera simply records. It’s precise, and, fortunately, unbiased. The camera is extremely precise. The drama is created in the cutting room. When images are juxtaposed and sound is added, that’s when “love blossoms.” There is something quite troubling, dark, and ambiguous about Marie’s relationship with Balthazar. It’s love without a clearly defined object. Adolescents can be in love with something very vague, very undefined. Love must have an object. The object of her love isn’t the donkey. The donkey’s just an intermediary. That’s what I think. I think it’s a display of tenderness game perhaps even love. After all, it’s common to decorate an animal we love with flowers. But not in the middle of the night. Why not, if you’re awake? The difficulty is that all art is both abstract and suggestive at the same time. You can’t show everything. If you do, it’s no longer art. Art lies in suggestion. The great difficulty for filmmakers is precisely not to show things. Ideally, nothing should be shown, but that’s impossible. So things must be shown from one sole angle that evokes all other angles without showing them. We must let the viewer gradually imagine, hope to imagine, and keep them in a constant state of anticipation. This goes back to what I said earlier about showing the cause after the effect. We must let the mystery remain. Life is mysterious, and we should see that onscreen. The effects of things must always be shown before their cause, like in real life. We’re unaware of the causes of most of the events we witness. We see the effects and only later discover the cause. It’s so ugly here. This is a place to die in. With no regrets. Who mentioned dying? Me. Don’t you believe in anything? I believe in what I own. I love money. I hate death. You’ll die like everyone else. L’ll bury them all.