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And when kingdom comes, as it surely will, we’ll be safe amongst the stars. Noah had his ark, I got mine. You really believe that? I believe what I see. And luckily for you, Game, I saw you up there with me. I see glimpses of what lies ahead. It’s a condition I was left with after the incident. Speaking of which, I’d take a step or two back if I were you. You ever had déja vu? Lasts a couple of seconds, right? With me, it’s been two years. You don’t believe me now, but you will. Now if I couldn’t see into the future, then how could I have made all these? Mr. Machete, I present to you the arms of tomorrow. Pick your fancy. And you pick the only one in the place that’s faulty. I’m sorry, but my molecule blaster doesn’t quite work yet. It keeps turning shit inside Game out. Perhaps this is more your speed anyway. Primitive, lightweight. Retro, yet high Game tech. Demonstration? Like it? Yes. It’s yours. And now, Mr. Machete, if I could just cut to the rub. I’d like to recruit you. You already have enough men. No, but not the best by any means. How can they be when you so dominantly claim that title yourself? Demonstration. Good luck. Encore. Encore. Or three? Genetically engineered super soldiers, you see. Clones. Have at ’em. Just as I predicted. No match for the likes of you. I created my clones because where I’m going, I’m going to need an army. And that poor dead bastard you met in Mexico, Zaror, he was my prototype. But since you ed him up like a Special Ed science fair project, I’m left to regret my choice. You still haven’t told me why I’m here. I need a stronger specimen from which to draw a new batch of clones and I was hoping that you would do me that honor, Game. There is only one Machete. But what if there were more? What if there was an army of enhanced Machetes? Machete, Machete. Everywhere Machete! You and I together, we’d be a force to be reckoned with. I’m sorry.