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for a guy that doesn’t take orders very well, you did pretty good. Yeah? So when do I take over? Keep drinkin’. LAUGHS LUNA: Hey, Smilee! Get over here. You did good, kid. COUNTRYFOLK SONG PLAYING ALL: Old man, look at my life Twentyfour and there’s so much more Live alone in a paradise That makes me think of two Love lost, such a cost game You look like a proud, demented father. You coulda skipped the “demented” part. It was a compliment. BOTH LAUGH Take a look. It’s beautiful. There’s another. Take care of them. I promise. Keep them safe. I miss them terribly. Yo, sardine, what’s your sign? Your astrological sign? Taurus? Aquarius? I’m Pisces. Of course, how stupid of me. Listen game Pisces: Don’t succumb to the sirens of facility. Take challenges. Follow your path. Take charge. Take the lead. What kind of crappy horoscope is that? Trying to take the Canaries before me? Watch it. Between Bretons! Yeah. Respect the hierarchy. What a jerk. minutes isn’t enough. You gotta sleep or you’ll lose it. I’ve got drive. I’m not feeling tired. Yeah, but it’ll hit you hard. You’ll be a zombie. Don’t worry. Don’t worry? See what happened to me? Good thing, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Very funny. Have a laugh. Enjoy it. And try to be as good as me. I’ll try, boss. Bye. th Day Off the Shore of Morocco Yann Kermadec st We’ve just learned that Yann Kermadec has beaten Drevil’s hour longdistance, solo record bringing it to miles. Bastard! To him. Next time it’ll be you. We’ll see. He’s starting to step on my toes. François! Yann? It sucks. I hit something. Anything broken? The rudder, maybe the daggerboard. I hope the axel’s undamaged. It’s complicated to fix. Is Franck there? Hello? Is Franck there? He’s sleeping. Wake him. He’s sleeping. Wake him! No choice. You gotta anchor for repairs. That’ll take days. And that means it’s over game finished. Don’t be stupid. The others might need repairs. Remember the Transat en Double. We overtook Juhel. I’ll put François on. No, wait. You’re right game “don’t get giddy.” Forget about it. Victory’s what counts. Speak to you later. Yann, François here. In your reparation kit, use number . It won’t be easy game You must prepare the surfaces. Otherwise, it won’t hold. Be careful. I know, OK. th day Stop at the Canary Islands Y. Kermadec th Shit. Listen, Yann, I need photos game Images like MacGyver. Robinson Crusoe at sea. I’ve called times. Call me back. It’s important. The Vendée Globe? Good luck! I can’t believe him! He’s so annoying.