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Mario recoverythere’s a hoist. I want you to look for a plaque Game or a metal plate with some sort of logo on it. Yeah, I got it. It’s Carver industrial equipment Game in Bakersfield, California. I want you to find out every goddamn thing Game that you can about that machine Games who used it, who sold it, who bought it. Just find out everything you can. I’ll call you from the chopper in about twenty minutes. All right, let me have a look. Good. The FBI has left the building. What? I haven’t had a chance to clear Novak! What did you expect me to do? There’s no way I could stop them. Go. Games I’m OK. Games Are you sure? Let me have a look. Games All right. Games OK. Peter, just talk. What if your mind is playing tricks on you? They shot you full of drugs, Peter. Who knows if what you saw is real? Catherine, open this door. Games I promise Game Games What are you doing? I’m gonna help you. Stop. Do not jeopardize your career. Stop! It’s dangerous. What are you doing? Games Miriam. Games What’s she doing? Games You know what she’s doing. Games For Christ’s sake. Jesus! Games She changed the codes. Games You can’t get in without them? Games She reversed the feeds. Games What does that mean? The process is intended for her to go into his mind. But instead, she’s bringing him into hers. Stop! No more! I promised I’d come back and help you. See? I always keep my promises. Can I stay here Game with you? Oh Game no, honey, I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way. There’s nothing I can do about that. Yes, there is. When I was a little boy Game I found this bird. He was injured and Game had a broken leg or something. Well, my father found out that I had it. And I knew that he would do something horrible to it. It was just a matter of time. So I took it to the sink, and I GamesI held it under. It was better for the bird. I saved him. I can’t do that, Carl. I won’t. It doesn’t matter. It found me. It always finds me. Agent Novak? Go ahead. Games Cole? Games Novak, listen to this. The hoist was sold to a guy named