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when you say you don’t eat meat, you mean, you don’t eat meat of any kind? Right. Is that for health reasons, or Game ? When you eat meat, you ingest an animal’s fear. Ingest what? It’s fur? Fear. I thought she said How do you do that? You can’t eat fear. Sure you can. I mean.. What happens to you, when you feel afraid? Doesn’t your body produce all sorts of chemical reactions? I don’t know.. Does it? It does. Yes. Adrenaline, and, and Your body goes through a whole chemical process when it experiences fear. ..and cortisol. Don’t you think an animal experiences fear? You bet it does. I used to work at a cattle processing plant, lots of fear flying around that place. So, when you eat an meat, you’re ingesting all that fear it felt when it was slaughtered to make food. You mean I’ve been eating fear, what, three times a day for.. ..sixty years? This one won’t have a meal that doesn’t meat in it. I guess it’s the way I was raised, but, somehow it just doesn’t seem like a legitimate meal less it has some meat somewhere. If I make a pasta dish of some kind, he’ll be like, “That’s fine for an appetizer, but where’s the meat?” Isn’t that some TV commercial, the old lady says, “Where’s the meat?” “Where’s the beef?” “Where’s the meat?!” “Where’s the meat?!” “Where’s the meat?!” “Hey, Where’s the meat?!” That’s pleasant. I thought, the services were lovely. Yes, weren’t they? Preacher did a fine job. I give it a Game Ehhhhh! Really? you thought so? Great, now we get some dramatic criticism. Too much talk about poetry and teaching. He hadn’t written any poetry, to speak of since ‘ He never liked teaching worth a damn. Nobody talked about the good stuff. Man was a worldclass alcoholic, more’n fifty years. Nobody told the story about that night he got wrangled into giving a talk at that TU alumni dinner Game Drank a whole bottle of Ron Bocoy White Rum, don’t know why I remember that, and got up to give this talk, and he fouled himself! Comes back to our table with this great..