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You ever do any time? Damn near. I used to run liquor. Are you still moonshining? It’s disgraceful letting a nigger Eat in here with us! Who in the hell do you think you are? Don’t mind that drunk. Don’t mind him. It’s disgraceful! Kind of hard not to. Pay him no mind. What cam you running? Who the hell are you? Are you deaf? Something stinks around here. I don’t know if it’s the nigger Or you, white trash. You ought to be– Oh! I got your back! Oh, lord! What’s happening? Ohh! Why don’t you sit down, ok? Don’t worry, folks! I’ll bring the plates back. Uh-uh! Uh-uh! Sorry to interrupt your eating. Just come to have dinner. Good day. That’s the raunchiest steak I ever had. I think that may be dog meat. That’s why they gave it to us free. Want some coke to wash it down? No, thank you. It’s cool. Well game Hey, you going by the restaurant? Yeah. I’ll go by. Do me a favor. What’s that? I promised that waitress I’d give her plate back. Throw this out as you pass by. Going to be able to make the next race? I think I’ve got the bottom in. Maybe you just threw a rod. No! I broke my crank. That’s it! That’s it, you old bastard! I’m done. I’m finished. Best driver on the track, And I’ve got a turd for a car. Maybe it ain’t so bad, man. Is that right? You sure you through? What the hell do you think? Well, you won’t be needing this then. That’s what I think. What are you doing? Well, don’t mind me. Why don’t you just go ahead and help yourself? Don’t let me interfere. Why don’t you take my tires? You’ve been wanting my transmission. Take that, too, now. Come on, you vulture. You said you was through. Damn. What the hell’s the matter with that? Fuel pump. Let an expert take a look. Well, no wonder. You got a load of dirt in your filter. Woodrow, look. He’s got a mound of dirt. I can’t watch everything. We could use another mechanic. What’s going on here? Some damn son of a game sliced my tires! Inside so they’d blow during the race. Wonderful. I hate to say I told you so, But them damn buggers on the supreme court Think they