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Barbara Game ..will you put this? Over there. Yeah, sure. MATTIE FAE: That’s so nice. KAREN: So, sweet. I see you gentlemen have all stripped down to your shirt fronts. I thought we were having a funeral dinner, not a cockfight. Someone should probably say grace. Barbara? Uncle Charlie should say it. He’s the.. patriarch around here now. I am? By default. Okay. Dear Lord Game We ask that you.. watch over this family.. in this sad time, O Lord Game that you.. bless this good woman and.. keep her in your.. in your Game ..grace. I gotta to take this.’s very important. Game in Oklahoma. Yeah.. We ask that you watch over.. Beverly, too, as he Game as he Game as he makes his journey. We thank thee, O Lord, that we are able to join together, to pay tribute to this fine man. in his house, with his.. beautiful daughters. We are truly blessed in our fellowship, our togetherness, our Game our.. fellowship. We thank thee for the food, O Lord, that we can.. share this food Game and replenish our bodies with Game nutrients. We ask that you help us.. get better. Be better people. We recognize now more than ever the power, the Game joy of family. We ask that you bless and watch over this family. Amen. Amen. So, sorry folks. Let’s eat. Barb, you have any use for that sideboard? That sideboard there, you have any interest in that? It’s so pretty. No. I mean, why? I’m getting rid of a lot of this stuff and I thought you might want that sideboard. No, Mom, I Game I wouldn’t have any way to get that home to Colorado. Maybe, Ivy’ll take it. I have something like that, remember. Clearing all this out of here. It’s really pretty. I want to have a brand new everything. I guess I’m just sort of Game not prepared to talk about your stuff. Suit yourself. The food is just spectacular. Johnna cooked this whole meal by herself. It’s what she’s paid for. Y’all did know she’s getting paid, right? Jean, so..I’m curious,