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How do you collect your thoughts when they’ve been scattered? How do you find in yourself The strength to carry on? Search for the answers There is always time, because Only the days yet to come are still important. The moments we’re waiting for are all that matter. I liked your singing. Forgive me. Thanks, bye. Bye. Friend of yours? Mom BITTERSWEET: Maybe it’s time to meet? Hey, where’d you go? BITTERSWEET: I hope I didn’t scare you off? OK, I’ll write for both of us BITTERSWEET: This is Ania, how’s life. I’m missing you BitterSweet. You know BitterSweet, when I’m ready to meet I’ll let you know right away. Three weeks since the last message. ANIA: Tomorrow PM at Café Rynek. Hope I recognize you. Let me guess: water and breadsticks? Still waiting for someone. My breath is bated. Piotr? Who the is Piotr? Jerk! You were pretending to be bittersweet all this time! I wasn’t pretending. A bas clef?! I thought you’d like it! I thought it would be romant.. Marcel! Coming, Your Lowness. What the hell are you doing?