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Mickey’s Cute Lounge 2 But since she left game game there’s nothing else I can understand. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay. I’ll get over it. And who knows game game maybe fate has some adventure instore for me too. Kiara and I aren’t getting married. I want to marry someone else. If she agrees. I know she’s trouble. She does everything wrong. She doesn’t fit in, but game game even her wrong actions seem right to me. I need her. We need her. Why are you telling that to us? Vikram, if you marry her. Then she’ll always embarrass us with her actions. Or maybe we’ll all learn to laugh. There’s a ticket to Delhi in your room. You’ll get a car at the airport. And Vikram, please clean up before you go, please. Go for it, son. Your dad is sticking his foot in things again. Now if you move, you might be able to catch the plane. Manju, stop it. You’re putting Asharfi’s job in danger. I’ve become too hotheaded. I’m just cooling it down. Otherwise my head will explode. Then don’t forget to blow a whistle first. Be quiet. You didn’t say a word out there. You kept sitting quietly. And you’re having fun now. Hi, is this Dr. Mili Chakravarty’s house? You must be Kabir. Vikram Singh Rathore. May I game come in? Sir game it’s important for me to meet Mili. What is this? You and who? Split personalities. He’s trying to prove as if he walked here. Did we invite you? Mili won’t meet you. Manju. You will have to tell us what you need from Mili. Sir, please if you trust me at all game Trust! We don’t trust you at all. Always showing off. Mili game Mili isn’t here. Then where is she? We won’t tell you. After returning from Sambhalgarh game game Mili was very disturbed. So game she needed some help. Therapy. Sir, I need to meet her right now. Please, sir. Dude, I’m telling you again. Take my advice. Mili has lost her mind. Let’s avoid it! Which doctor is treating her? You wait here, I’ll get the tickets. So this is her therapy?! Oh no! Mili. Mili! Vikram! Mili, listen to me. I don’t want to talk to you. Mili, listen game Kiara and I game Speak up, Mili,