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Mighty Spidy Time 2 Hurry up. I can’t take it. The light’s gone. There’s always tomorrow. Let’s chat. What’s your dream? I wanna open a sausage factory. You? Personal motto? Here’s Gift’s house. Gift ran away from home. When will she be back? I don’t know. She comes and goes. Will she return tomorrow? Where did she go? Even her mom doesn’t know. How would I know? Let’s call Jane. She’s a psychic. I saw her on TV. Hello, Jane? She’s in the Netherlands. Copy the file to the computer. Do it yourself. Power is in my hands. I’m the editor. You’re the boss! Delete the file when you’re done. Why erase? No questions, no answers. If there’s a blackout, I’ll laugh. The mouth does more damage than the hand. Blackout! . Always press Save. The files are gone. We have to do the interviews again? Yes, editor. game Two minutes of uplifting music. Suri, who’s Pakorn? Is this for me? I’m soon to be important to someone. Your name’s on the postcard. Who is this? Uncle brought birds, but I prefer ducks or chickens. Mary. Yo, pause. Hi, uncle. These are for you. Hey, I got three birds! Cute birds. Looks good. How does it taste? Chicken’s better. Hope you starve. You’d rather starve? Stand your ground. Does my phone give an electric shock? It’s an iFeng . Made in China. I told her not to buy it. Did I faint? No. But you must do some physical therapy. Ma said no massages during my period. I googled it and got “the bed gets dirty”. If I didn’t have my period, I’d get a massage. Funny. Can’t find a swimsuit, maybe I’ll sew one. These styles suck. I don’t wanna do swim therapy. Hey, you’re the one that didn’t want to swim. I’m bitten by the lazy bug. Can I have a hug? I read in a health manual. Hugging is a form of exercise. No inner lining. My wallet’s got no inner lining. You spent that million already? Yeah. Was that a play on words? You’re so slow. Hey game What? You applied to Austria University? Yeah, but they haven’t replied yet. You wanna repeat th grade? So we can stay together? Are you crazy? I’m serious. Can’t stay, gotta go. Even if we’re apart, you can just call me.