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Mini Angel Run and that has a lot of fans, myself game Strawberry’s killing them. Not only will Cone be setting the pace game Go Coney! Yeah! All right! Knock it off, will you? Come on. Give me a goddamn headache. I know all five of those runs were unearned. I still don’t think that’s game Bye, Dad. Bye, Dad. Yeah. Bye, Dad. See you. The next two games in this series are at Shea. If they can win them that at least puts a doubt in the minds of the Dodgers, and that’s what the Mets need. They need to prove that the Dodgers are not invincible. It would also restore their confidence, and the Mets are a dangerous team when they get on a roll and start believing in themselves. Jeff Torborg called a closeddoor game Get some shots. I want some shots over here, from this window here. Mikey, come here. I think we got some prints over here on the inside of this door. Right on the inside here. Try and get them. How you doing? I got two young girls, shot in the head twice each. It’s kind of messy. Over here, Mikey. Get some pictures from the other side there, please. I don’t know if they’re still wearing the rounds in their head or what. Hey, Mikey, get this back door over there. There’s something on the inside. Around game On that door. Thank you. Anybody see anybody? Yeah, a dookie. We got this one Chinese guy over here who saw a couple guys running over these park benches towards Park Avenue. We got a pretty good description on the two guys. The uniformed guy put it on the air. We’ll see what happens. Michael, on the inside of that door. And let me have some shots on the eyelevel. Mets my ass. Dodgers are smoking? Yeah, they’re smoking. But what about tomorrow? What are you thinking? You like the Mets? What do you think of that shit back there? Terrible. You guys got money coming. What are you gonna do? Dodgers all the way. I’d save your money. With Cone pitching? That Conehead mother game er got rocked the first game. I wouldn’t bury the Mets. Even money with Cone pitching? That’s right. You don’t think they’re going to beat him twice, do you?