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Mini Fast Train According to our information, Horace, you’re dead. Incorrect. Not ready for my coffin yet. Where were you Saturday night, Horace? Right here, boss. Why are you in bed? Sick man, boss. Very sick. How come? How’d you get that? Oh, hit by a jumble car. What car? Knocked out. Had no opportunity to see the vehicle. Johnnie Fiddle one big lie then, huh? What you say, boss? What you sayJohnnie Fiddle done? We’re booking him for the killing on Hampstead Heath Saturday night. That’s whatJohnnie Fiddle done. Sapphire that chick that got cut up? The same. That sure is one big pity. Johnnie Fiddle in plenty trouble, eh? You hear that, men? Saturday night. You really booking Johnnie Fiddle, boss? Unless you can give him an out. He says he was with you. You sure wastin’ your time. I got no out forJohnnie Fiddle. You go hang him. Is that where the jumble car knocked you down, Horace? You sure wise man, boss. Alexander. Yes, boss? Gin Ricky. Yes, boss? Big Sam. Yes, boss? Why did you tellJohnnie Fiddle he’d killed Horace Big Cigar? Johnnie Fiddle wears too much of a high hat. We seek a way to knock it off. Make that big bushman sweat, boss. Were they all here Saturday night? All here, boss. Right. Names. You. Alexander. I’ll go, Ted. We’re in here. Did you find what you wanted? I think so. Well? I’ve just seen Sapphire’s brother. I’ve asked him to call round here. Not her brother. We don’t want him here. You had better tell him that yourself. He’ll be here in a minute. I said we don’t want him here. I want him. I wonder if Sapphire would have been happy here. What do you think, Mr. Harris? Why shouldn’t she be? I don’t know. I’m asking you. Answer the door. How do you do? How do you do? I’m Mrs. Harris. Will you sit down? Thank you. Dr. Robbins. I’ve asked you to come here because I think you may be able to help us. If I can. Did Sapphire want to marry this boy? Yes, I I think she did. Well, David’s father here has been insisting all along game that he was willing to let them marry. That’s right. Assuming he’s telling the truth, that would have left the decision with David.