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Quick! Wait for me. Come On! Hang On. . Open! You need to open! We’re stuck here. Please, ma’am. Please! Open, lady. Please, lady! The shoes. Take off your shoes. That’s right. Fast. Where? At Fund. Do Not! Here, here. Damn, are rising. Hang On. Hold it here. What will you do? Where you go? No Wilson. I can not do that. Come On. I can not. Can you come. That I can not. Forget It. Play the boots. What did you do? You said to play. I said to play for me. No, you did not. You spoke to play. Not the same thing. We’re half. I should have said to play for you. You did not say. Will give me French lessons here? Let’s go down, come. No, you come. On the roof, no. Are not you coming? But I will. I can not. I can not go up, come. Come On. All right. Come On. Come soon, dammit! To! Do not pull me like that! Do not pull, pull. I’m going. I’m going. Yeah, it’s game Is slipping. There is not, come. Are you an idiot? No, are you slipping. Go too fast! It’s too fast. All right. Take it easy! No, no. Yup. No, no, no. Yup. No, no, no. For this story to make climbing all the time? Why go even higher? I’m not to play. Come On. Why so talk to me? Come on. Conte. Conte. On three? Will game Three! Enough, enough. What? Going to kiss me? No, no, do not move. Do not want to kiss. Let’s stay here. That drug game Tell there game Just between us, which is the capital of Brazil? Algiers. Well I suspected. Actually, my name is Walid. I was born in Oran. Wilson E by? When I got here, stray too. I found a group of Brazilian, legal. And I realized that to work, the flirt game everything. Everything is easier when you speak that is Brazilian. So, I became Wilson. I was thrilled. Por home? You are my first Arab friend mixed with Brazilian. But do not tell anyone. All right. No, not so! I kid you not to! Moreover, wet ground. But you said “play” and not “play for me.” Okay, I know that. You need to speak right. Not the same thing. Do you live here? Who gave you the password? Who? Good evening, Mr. Laprade. Good night, Wilson. I was waiting for you the other day.