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Monkey Canoe Let me translate this poem for American friends. That means I have never heard a better and more beautiful sound than the sound of love. Excuse me, sir. Is everything all right? As a matter of fact, sir, it isn’t. We need to talk. Okay. There’s not gonna be another one. What are you gonna do now? I think I’m gonna disappear. Mike, do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife? I do. Shirin, Shirin, do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband for life? Shirin, would you commit yourself to this man, Mike, and remain faithful to him for the rest of your life? Shirin, would you commit yourself to this man and stay faithful to him for the rest of your life? Excuse me, please. Excuse me, please. Stand back. Excuse me. Excuse me, please! Excuse me! Excuse me! What’s the hell is going on? Excuse me, sir. Excuse me! Uh, you, you’re under arrest. What are you talking about? She’s under arrest! For what? You can’t do this! I can do this! I’m a police officer! You can’t come here and do that! She has outstanding tickets, and she’s under arrest! Ma’am. You can’t do that now. This is a wedding! No, no, no! Sir! Stop it! Ma’am, you’re under arrest. Come with me. Mike, do something! Ma’am, come with me, please! That’s not right! Uh, I have a lawyer! Jose, I got a lawyer. Jose! Step back! Would you please step back! Step back, please! Please step back! Call the police! Call the police! Dial . Where are you going? You can’t her! This is a party! Call the police! Stop it! Would you mind telling me what the hell is going on? Well, first of all, I’m probably gonna lose my job over this, but a writer has to be fearless, you know what I mean? That’s what you said, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure I was talking about writing, Marvin. Well, your dad told me exactly what’s happened. Do you know William came to visit you, but your mother persuaded him to go to lunch with her instead? She told William that you betrayed him. This is discrimination! Discrimination! It’s discrimination! Now, it seems like he loves you. Do you love him?