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Come on! To the shelter! To the shelter! Come on! Quickly! Let’s go to the bomb shelter. Take him! No, no, no! Come on! Hurry up! To the bomb shelter! Hurry up! Come on! To the City Hall! To the shelter! Come on! Leave that! Go to the City Hall shelter. My car! Hurry up! Marta, we have to go. Yeah. Okay. Wait, one second. One second. Okay Games Okay. Isabel! I’m looking for your cousin, Teresa. -Henry Games -Calle Don Tello. -I need your help. -Over there! This way? -No, Isabel. -No. No, you can’t! My dress! It’s my dress! Help me. Help, I’ve no strength! Are you okay? Are you okay? Teresa. -Isabel, you have to help me find Teresa. -Teresa. Teresa! Teresa. Teresa. Yes, come on, let’s go. Bastards! Bastards! Come on, let’s go to the shelter. I need to find Calle Don Tello. Calle Don Tello. -Cheka? -Go with him! Young lady, don’t! Stay here! Isabel? Let’s go. I have to go back. The Italian Legionary Air Force awaits orders. The three Italian SMs are awaiting orders. This way! Freeze! This is a restricted area! -Open the damn door! The mayor sent us! -You’ve no jurisdiction here! Open the door! Open the door! Stop! Why are you here? Okay. Get out! Get out! Just calm down. -Drop the gun, boy! -Drop it. I have orders to shoot! Put the gun down. Okay. Teresa! Help! Help! Please! Open the door, please! Help! Let us out! Let us out, please! Please, let us out. Teresa. Teresa! Get the keys! On the wall! Get the keys! Get the keys! Get out! Come on, let’s go! Teresa! Henry. -Teresa! -Henry! Teresa! Okay. I got you. I got you. Henry. -Don’t leave me alone. -Never. Never. There’s a step. There’s a step. There, there. This way. . Planes again! -Murderers! -Run, they’re coming back! Help! Open the door! -Open up! -You can’t come in, it’s full. You can’t come in. You can’t come in. -Have you seen my mum? -Don’t worry. She’s coming. -And my dad? -Yes, don’t worry. -My God! -It hurts. Don’t worry, calm down. Look. Bite this, okay? Bite it hard so your eardrums don’t burst. I’ve got enough for everyone. Bite it. Bite it hard.