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said something about a red dress. Well, it looks as if our elusive friend had a girl. This would be about the right size for Mrs. Borelli. Possibly. Sherman. Look. Those marks on Mario’s wrists and ankles could have come from these. When they turned on the juice I’ll bet it was quite a show. The pport of William North. Now it’s beginning to add up. Maturian must have blackmailed North into bringing something into Italy. But what? Maybe it was that packet of heroin. North was supposed to bring it to his contact who was Mario. Mario tried to double-cross him by keeping it for himself. Maturian didn’t like that, grabbed him and tortured him. Using this contraption. Yeah. But Mario had a weak heart. So they plant him at the fountain with heroin in his pocket. To throw us off the trail. Maybe Mario pretended that North did not deliver it. That would be the reason they got North. And they put him on the table. Um hm. Send a memo to all police stations. To the borders and to Interpol. That’s the description of this Maturian. And of whoever gave me this headache. I’ll send it. You know I’ve got a feeling that as long as we’re looking for the Maturian that you met we’re hitting our heads against a stone wall. I’ll go along with that. I asked the Borellis’ to come here tomorrow. They’ll have to answer some questions. Well I’m off. Shelly gets back today. The doctor gave permission to bring Bill to Rome. Oh by the way, did you ever find Dino? Dino, the partner of the crazy Fravi lover. Just forget it. He’s disappeared from the face of the earth along with that mysterious package that his idiotic friend said he had. Excuse me madam. Can you tell me where I can find Dino. That’s the house there. Thanks. (Knocking on door) Don’t bother. Nobody’s home honey. You have any idea where they might be? Yeah one of them is in the jail. And he’s the one, if it was up to me, should be locked up in a loony bin. No sign of Dino huh? Dino? He might be around. I notice he’s in there with a certain woman sometimes. Tell me, why are you asking