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Monkey Go Happy 4-4 Do you have a trash bag? What type of car is this car? It smells like new. An Audi A. It’s new indeed, but I’m just leasing. You know what that is? Yeah. I didn’t know this way. It’s actually shorter. It’s really almost the same. Almost. Mellie? Don’t stay there. Listen, Mellie, I’m sorry but game What do you want, Mellie? I mean, exactly? I’m not gonna sleep with you. I don’t sleep around like that. And anyway game Pomme is here. She’s taking a nap. She came home. We need some quiet. You understand? It’s me. Pomme. Hush. You’ll wake me up. You’re beautiful. What’s up? Don’t overdo it. I don’t. I bought it as it is. It’s not custom made. Don’t be silly. That’s right. Don’t be silly game It’s nice. You mean the tap? Yes. You had the water heater fixed? Yes. Just imagine: I saved a chamois. A tiny one. kilos though. And I recognized ceps game Goliath webcaps and chanterelles, but that’s easy. Ceps are easy too. You know I went looking for you. It even snowed a bit. Really? You came? I think it’s the least one could do game Well certainly, if you put this way game Well tell me exactly how else am do you want me to put it. I know, one is missing. No, that’s it. Oh I thought game John is gonna come. We have our class. How stupid. Such a beautiful moment of intimacy. I think it is one. That’s what I just said, didn’t I? We agree. We agree. We have time. That doesn’t work anymore. Stop with that. What doesn’t work? This, the clocks. Everything, us. Nothing works. But game But what? But you didn’t even cheat on me? You think that’s the question? What’s the question? The one about game You know what the question is. But you don’t even dare to say it. Precisely. The one about love. The one about love, yes. Ah, love, yes game No, I should say: Oh, love game I don’t know what you should say. I don’t know anymore. There, there, just now, you were coming towards me. No, I was gonna leave. Just like that? Just like that.