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The magic of television. Spells exist! What you see on TV, pictures are real things, real people game reality. Dora is really true? No, it is drawn. Dora is drawn. But those other people, they have faces like we do. These are pictures of real things. And what else did you see in broadcasting, it is also true. It is true oceans, trees, cats, dogs game Not possible. Where would fit? They just fit. In the world they all fit. Jack, you’re smart. I know you’re thinking about it. Can I get something to eat? There is a sheet. See? Where? Look. No leaf can not see. Come here. Look. Come closer and see. Do you see him? See? Stupid Mom. This is not a list. The leaves are green. The trees, yes, but then fall off and rot. As a salad in the fridge. Where are the things you said? Trees and dogs and cats and the grass? Here we do not see, because skylight pointing upwards and not to the side. You just want me fooled. No I don t want. Lie, lie like a tower! Jack, before I explain it could not, you were small. Too little, you understand, so I made up a story. But now I’m doing the opposite. I’m doing the opposite of lying, I’m not lying, because it’s those five. Have you old enough to understand the world, you have to understand it. Please understand, we can not like to live, you gotta help me. Let me, let me turn the four. Remember when game Remember when Alice was not always in Wonderland? She fell deep, deep hole. Well, it was not always in the room, I like Alice. I was a little girl named Joy. No! I lived in a house with her mother and father. You’d told them Grandpa and Grandma. What house? In house. In the world. And we had a backyard hammock. We swung the network and licked ice cream. In the television house? No, Jack, real, not television. Are you listening to me? When I was older, When I was seventeen, I went to school game Where was I? You were still in the sky. And there was a man, pretending to have sick dog. What man? Devil. We call him the devil, I do not know his real name. And he pretended to have a sick dog game How is the dog’s name?