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Monkey Go Happy Speed MarathonHow about going over to the fifth precinct? Do you mind? No. But if I had known this was gonna be a cook’s tour, I would’ve brought my roller skates. Bugsy! Oh Bugsy! But I want to see my Bugsy. You know I favor the Oriental custom keeping the woman confined to the home. Look why don’t you go back to Kokomo? Looks like a run on Social security. Pardon me a moment, Sabra. Port I wrote Henry James. Ed North. Jack Merlin. Wheatfield. Oh! John Mason. Paul Cerf. You get around pretty fast, Mr. Brown. I thought you’d wait for dessert at the soup kitchen. Never was there in my life. You know me. Pat Mullen. Sure I married your sister. Game How is this? Game Fine, fine. Next. Dave Jones. Get your dishes? Getting the old runaround, eh, buddy? You must be new around here to worry about a little wholesale voting. You must be a reporter. How come the savvy? The pencil marks around your ears. Old Luke Mura on our Dispatch has them. Buddy you’re alright. Let’s snag a ringside seat and twirl a couple of sparklers while the big folks shoot off the fireworks. Fireworks? Stranger, here’s a scoop for old Pencil Mark Luke. Because I can’t print it. You can’t get away with kidnapping me. Kidnapping you? Ain’t kidnapping you. Just wanna look at you. That’s all. Look at the flowers. Who do you think I am? Ferdinand? Flowers is pretty. Like you. Pretty. I take it it isn’t good to see things around here that Cameron doesn’t want you to see. There’s a lotta guys vacationing in health resorts that ain’t in bad health. Well, goodbye, stranger. It’s every man for himself now. If you hear any noise around them cracker barrels, it won’t be mice. It’ll be me. I ain’t gonna hurt you. Just want you to my girl. Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! Lynn! I ain’t gonna hurt you, really. I like you. Oh, darling! Gee I’ve never been so glad to see you in my life. You’re going home. He’s done his business for the day. I said you’re going home. No I’m not! Game No? Game No! We had an ornery stubborn mare once. Didn’t have sense enough to leave a burning barn. But she went.