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We’re here. Can you shut up now though. Here we are. They had a good trip? No one threw up? What’s your name? Monsieur Buc. But you can call me Uncle Buck. Whose suitcase is this? I will write to the parents that we arrived. It’s too late. The post office is closed. So I have to email. Email. Ah, yes. Certainly. EeMail. I send them often through Neemail on the WhyFly system. Monsieur Buck! Yes, Monsieur Latouche. We want to eat! Want to eat! We want to eat! We want to eat! We want to eat! Children, To celebrate your arrival, I prepared a menu of the region. Cheers! To begin, my famous stone soup. But remember don’t try to eat the stone. Tell me, Monsieur Buck, why the stone? It helps when cooking. Crushed and stirred Games all the ingredients of the soup of are excellent. You see, children should always be interested Culture and cuisine of other regions. Do not eat this stuff. Too late. Indeed, taste’s very strong. Actually, there’s a different taste Games earthy. Not surprising. A bit of clay Games Children, come, I will pour. Come on. DO NOT chase the chickens, feed the goat, no campfires in bedrooms do not eat the soup. Get Up Girls! It’s already :. I’m ready. Good for you, Leonie. Children rise. hours. Who did that? Games These are acronyms. Shortcut for a number of ordinary words, as a common word. Ducobu! Here! No, you’re not here. Your head’s in the clouds. Now I’m here. I am very pleased. Who can tell me what the acronym SMIC means? Molas, what a surprise! Super Molas In Charge. Enough. Now, NASA. I know. Yes, N’Diabbi. N’Diabbi Am Simply Awesome. Quiet! What is it? It’s trueI am. Shut up! Okay. Now the acronym SNCF. Gratin. French National Railway Company. Bravo! Correct. Finally, CAD. Ducobu! What a miracle! I wait to hear from you Games We have to go play. Do not be nervous, Gustave. The rat is just waiting to get me. Do you have want to end up in a psychiatric hospital? A month more to endure. Then you’re rid of him. It’s so nice to walk. It’s so nice to walk. We’re not tired. We’re not tired. stony roads.