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Monster Hunter She’s paying for something! l’ll never go near that place again! Me neither. Oil ofcocoa is an excellent lip moisturizer. Every winter, Tita’s lips were so chapped that if she wanted to smile, she had to use plenty of ointment. But today it had nothing to do with smiling. The possibility of finding herself pregnant was no laughing matter. l didn’t hear you come in. l noticed. You’re lost in thought. lt’s just that l miss Gertrudis. l bet she’d like to be with us tonight, cutting this bread. Listen, Tita. l need your advice. About what? Well, first let me say l’ve been wanting to talk to you, but jealousy kept me from doing it. Now it’s different. lf you still loved Pedro, you wouldn’t be marrying John. So, well Game You must help me win back Pedro. Me? Only you can do it. Look, l think it’s my weight, my flatulence, and my bad breath that keeps him away from me. What can l do? Put me on a special Game t, because this fat, Pedro won’t even touch me. Don’t cry. l’ll give you a special Game t. You’ll get so pretty. What about the gas and the bad breath? Mint leaves for the breath. They can freshen the worst breath. l’ll take you off those foods that cause gas. Don’t cry now, or you’ll have me crying, too. You’re such a good sister! l’m so happy we’re together again. l’ll get some mint leaves. l told you many times not to go near Pedro. Then, why? l tried, Mommy, but Game No “buts”! There’s no name for what you’ve done! You forgot about morals, respect, and the rules of society! You’re worthless. You don’t even respect yourself. You’ve dragged my family name through the mud from my ancestors down to that cursed child in your womb! My child is not cursed! Yes, it is! l’m cursing it! lt and you, cursed forever! No, please! Close that door. Can’t you see how cold it is? You’re so strange lately. What’s wrong? Rosaura, what a pleasure! Those Lobo people are here. The others want to cut the bread. We’re coming. Pedro, can you help me? We’ll talk later. Hello. What’s happening? Nothing. Good evening, Father. Good evening, Dona Paquita.