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game remember Binod game after mother passed away, her body was kept here game head that side game legs here game And then Piku’s mother’s body game that too game Piku lets go Where game ? We’ll just go out game just game But where? Kolkata tour Hey Piku game Don’t be late game Ya I’ll come soon game If you’re so emotionally attached to this place game then why do you want to sell it off? You don’t need money game What? Have you lost it? Brick by brick I’ve constructed this house game CHAMPA KUNJ can’t be sold ever game it will never be sold! Our mother’s name game CHAMPA game that’s written on it game Got it?! But brother game No no no! if you can’t maintain it game I’ll give the money game Take a right from here Mom used to teach here game then she met Dad and got married game And left the job? Yes game why don’t you elope and get married game he’s not that bad game moreover you need someone to run away with game why didn’t you marry game ? Next stop coffee shop hhuuhh and then by the Ganges Okay There used to be a theater here game and now a building game That’s what happens usually game don’t you want to sell off your house? One day a building will come up there too game I am just being practical game No no I am not saying you’re wrong game may be this is the way forward game guess this is what development is game but if you pull your roots out game what will remain game you know what I mean game Yes Dad game Crataegus Carbo veg game drops game yes I am coming. You guys must not be having any medical expenses game looks like you manage your own treatment game Ya game How old is you father game must be at least ? Hmm exact And the way you’re being his doctor, he’ll be around for another more years game which makes him . Touchwood game And in next years, you too will become game approximately? Hmm? game ? game in just taking care of your father? One minute game why are you saying all this game you know my situation game ? You know he’s dependent on me? Can’t hear or see properly game should I leave him?