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Mushroom Madness 4 inside once again. Told you he’s not here! Stand up quick! You don’t have time to fall down and weep. Stand up quick! Where did the kiddo go? It’s the time for my beauty sleep. Let’s scatter and search. It’s your turn, kiddo. Shout out loud with your bloody voice. I’ll be with Ran as it’s dangerous game Cut the crap and follow me. Ran game Oh my! What are you wearing? Why hit me? Wear proper clothes. There might be perverts. Just give cigarettes on thick. I said no. Good. One more time! No, I won’t go! I won’t let anyone interrupt my sabotage area. I should be the one to give damn kiddo a lesson! Shit, I can’t show my face. I won’t go with an empty hand! You’re so stubborn! What are you doing, Mr. PARK? But you can’t come here. It’s far from your house. Your mom should be worried. just hurry home. Then give me that cookie you brought last time. You just went back with it. What’s going on here? Cookie? I see. Take this and go home. But don’t tell anyone that you met me. You shouldn’t tell your mom about it. Why not? It’s a bit complicated. My situation is game I’ll tell your mother myself when the time comes. Promise me. It’s between the real men. I see, he has feelings for the kid’s mom. Pervert! Damn pervert! Gotta ya! Look what he’s wearing! That’s my lingerie! Damn. What did I pick? What? You damn bastard! Damn. What the hell. You have the right to consult a lawyer. And the right to remain silent. You damn pervert! Oh, it’s Chiwoong! Chiwoong! Are you okay? Did you save the Chiwoong from the pervert? Baby! Mom. Mr. PARK saved him. You scared us! Thank you, sir. Where have you been? Sewoong! Where were you? Don’t ever leave me alone again! I think there a pervert in this town game SAFE HOUSE OF NIS HIDING KIM HEEKWAN, EXDIRECTOR OF MPAF, NORTH KOREA North Korean defectors are being eliminated. Do you have any idea who are doing this? Unit. KIM jeongil and LEE Moohyuk created a secret troop years ago. Nobody knew about the troop except these two. Now KIM jeongil has gone, it’s practically LEE’s private troops.