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Baker persuaded someone that Buckley was more use to the war effort with a typewriter. It won’t last. He’ll end up in uniform, like every other mother’s son. That is, if he ever had a mother. More likely, Parfitt found him in a pub, spawning spontaneously in the sawdust. You know, a lot of men are scared we won’t go back into our boxes when this is all over. It makes them belligerent. Something’s changed. I tidied. What happened at the meeting? I outlined our proposed changes. They accepted them. What’s this? Lunch. The girls can pilot the boat home, all right? They can pilot the bloody boat. They can lead the damn fleet, for all I care. But Johnnie frees the propeller. Hmm. You’re late. I took the liberty of ordering. Sorry. We have guests staying, friends from Poland. Things are very bad in Europe. It’s not exactly a picnic here, if you hadn’t noticed. You can’t find a decent waiter in SoHo since Italy joined the war. They were all rounded up as so-called enemies of the state, apart from Geppetto over there, who almost certainly is a spy. Cerberus! Ugh! Christ, a dead sheep? Ugh. Not strictly ration book, but Cerberus can’t live on crusts and scraps. Ugh Games Sophie’s going to boil it up and make him some broth. Lucky fellow. Well, perhaps your sister would like to start feeding me, too, unless, of course, you’ve actually found me some work. So, Baker’s outline for the Dunkirk film, you read it? It rattles along rather better than one might have expected. Johnnie’s escape from the steel thrust of the German war machine. The rescue of the dog was very good. Here, boy. Here. No, no. No, not you, Cerberus. Of course, it all depends on who they’re planning to cast as Rose. Uncle Frank? “A shipwreck of a man”? Sammy! “Sixties. Looks older”? Senior roles are not to be sneered at, Ambrose. Gravitas. Experience. Maturity. Ugh. We all have a part to play in defeating Hitler. Not this part. It’s a corpse role. He’s dead before the end of act three. Mr. Smith. Mmm-mmm. Mr. Hilliard. Ambrose, you must see– You, me