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Come back! I’ll get you Game uh! Na, na Game Why? Why? S’il vous plait, boss. Please don’t make me go! Ze Professor. He is a sadistic lunatic. And I have half a mind to drive us right over this cliff rather than spend another minute with him! I agree. You have only half a mind. What? Come on! You still can’t be mad at me about the octopus. It was your fault, after all, moi? Because I’ve warned you before that that stinky cologne you wear causes my eyes to tear Game which is probably the reason why I hit the wrong button! So there! Well, if there’s a solution to this catastrophe, the Professor will know it. Hey Games y! You’re just in time. I need your help with a dilemma. Which of these two items came first? Was it the cork. Or the corkscrew? Corkscrew. Hein? Corks, of course. Hein? It was the cork! Obviously. I disagree, it was the corkscrew! Minister Chateau, please! Why would someone need to invent a corkscrew if there were no corks that needed to be pulled from the bottle? And why would someone plug up a bottle with a cork. If there was no corkscrew to open it with! The cork! The corkscrew! The cork! The corkscrew! The most perplexing puzzle. And it’s even more important than the chicken and the egg conundrum. Because what if the chicken needs a drink in order to lay the egg? Have you seen profiterole or Peter? I can’t find them anywhere. I guess they landed on a different side of the boat. I wonder what story this is? Don’t know. But if anyone would, it’s Peter. Because he’s read all of Jules Verne’s books. I sure wish he was here right now. Nicole, are you and he Game No, no, no, no, no, no, no. He’s my heart. No! Game By heart. I mean Game he really knows these stories by heart. And that’s very helpful. My valet, Normalverbraucher, just disappeared! Reliable help is difficult to find. I have to catch the flying train to rendezvous with capt. Nemo and his nautilus submarine. But now, Nemo has vanished!