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different cracks at it. Scott and Mike, me, Isaac, Wyck, lots and lots of people took many cracks at it. Folks at the studio had some thoughts. QUENTIN game and make indelible memories. The trick is game to notice. Before it’s too late. Oh, and Margo? So this last line of dialogue after we see Margo on stage at the Fantasticks, after we see Margo as a surf instructor, when Q says, “That’s her story to tell.” That’s so important to me game And I remember game I can’t remember if you texted me or called me but I was on vacation with my family. And I was like, “That’s it, we did it, it’s over!” It took a lot of writing by Scott and Mike of this section before it could get right at the idea that game “I don’t know where she is or what she’s up to, “I’m sure it’s pretty something.” Which I thought was a great thing to add and to call back to that scene. Like, something at the end, it’s about the friends, that we’ve started this movie with Margo, it should end in some way with Margo. And the idea that, really to drive it home, that she gets to tell her own story. You know what I mean? Yeah. That her story doesn’t belong to Q and that Q has learned that. Yeah, this ended up not being a story about her but she’ll have her own. Yeah. And I love the title treatments. Yeah, that’s my little game Thank you. game Saul Bass homage. Other people have done it but, whatever. Super cool. Super cool. Picture Mill did a greatjob on designing these. Yeah. And it’s funny. I mean, you look at all of these credits game When I used to watch movies before I had a movie adaptation of one of my books made, I used to look at these credits and I would be like, “Movies are bloated crazy enterprise “and there’s no way that this many people are truly necessary.” But in fact, the movie would be different and lesser without each and every single one of these people. It’s amazing, the size of the collaboration and the scope of it. And the music that Season brought to this, and she also worked on Fault, it was incredible. Mary Claire Hannan,