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My Room Escape What are we working on? Tiffany, do you always have to leave the door open? Were you born in a barn? Who is that? Tiffany. Close the door. You know, we got some really good stuff on the Tiffany tapes. Oh, yeah? Got a congressman. Can we kill the golden oldies, please? Look at her tits. Lungs. Tits. Lungs. No wonder we get a congressman. From the great state of mammary. Not after last night , bucks a night. Is that right? Is that what they get? That’s right. I think that’s ridiculous. Inever paid for it in my life. Except that time when I was in the service in Japan. But I was lonely. Everybody was lonely over there. Been there for a long time. I don’t know what I paid, though. It was yen. Japanese money. Just pile it up and sleep on it. I either paid a buck Game or $,. I still haven’t figured it out. I have a plan She was nice to me, though. Hang on This Tiffany. Know what I mean? She’s got a little meat on her. She’s a softy. Not like the other one. What’s her name? Dominoe. She’s too skinny. What do you think? I got it. You remember in the th grade there was this, uh, Rosalie D’Amato. Italian girl? She Game she was built like this. Same kind of boobs. Rosalie D’Amato. Jeez, I loved her. Never screwed her, though. Did you? I mean Game you can tell me now because, what the hell, a lot of time has gone by. What am I gonna do? You know, I’m not gonna get mad at you, hit you. Did you? Yeah. Oh, . . . I knew you did. I knew it. Jesus. You were always doing that. We’re getting out Uh, then how will we live? Well, we never settled on the dancing school Or the boutique or the farm I’ll take the farm. Uhuh. The boutique. You would take the boutique. Why me? Oh, Jewish guys never take the farm. What’s the matter, you didn’t see ‘Fiddler on the Roof’? Nothing but farmers. I hate the thing he makes us do, too, but we gotta go I’m not up to it We have to Ohh Tiffany, move your ass Things he makes us do? This could be something, huh? Yeah. I’ll take it. What, you’re gonna leave me here alone? That’s right. Well, that’s terrific.