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I just wanna ta k to you. Not gonna ose my fami y. Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! Don’t! Get off him! Hey, get off my kid! Get off him! Don’t touch him! What did you do? It’s okay, it’s a right. I wanna see my dad. Four, et’s go! Gotta move! It’s a right, it’s okay. Go! We gotta move, we gotta move. et’s go, come on, come on! Romit! Don’t. What the he is going on here? Just do your job, Daunt ess. et’s go. Move! Said, ” et’s go!” One man, two chi dren, down on the bridge! Go! We’re here to he p you! Go! Eyes down! Shut up! ook at me! Hey, you, stop! It’s ca soap. You shou d try it. What’s up, Stiff? You ost? I want to see Four. David and I are eaving for Providence. On a first name basis with the director, huh? You work fast. Peter, can you eave her a one? I don’t ne you to defend me. Attention! Get us ready for Providence. We’re on my ship within an hour. Yes, sir. Fo ow me. David, hey. I was wondering if I cou d ta k to you about my job. You know, ’cause I’m not rea y a typist and Radio Or if you’re busy today, I get it, tota y fine. We’ ta k tomorrow. Good idea. I ne to ta k to you. What is this, Nita? Vaccinations. What do you mean, vaccinations? We weren’t given vaccinations. Four. ook at this. Hey, what’s your name? My name? Hey. I’m sorry about your dad. My dad? A right, I’ see you back at base. Yep. This is not a humanitarian mission. We’re not saving kids. We’re stea ing them. This is what we do. Now you know. David takes them out from here, wipes their memories with the gas, and raises them in the Bureau. If you take away what they know, then you take away who they are. Yeah. I think that’s the point. They were a unarmed. I won’t surrender to this. Round up everyone who’s eft. We take the fight to Eve yn. Yeah, oading up. We’re moving. Today we take Eve yn down. Whatever it takes. Yeah! This is a rea time. I mean, the survei ance techno ogy they have in p ace is extraordinary. Ca eb, can you get out of your head for a second? This is our home. And there’s gonna be a war. Where are you going?