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My Sweet Pony Puzzle That’s terrific. I’ll be staring at space here and listening to surface noise all night. , , and , , , and Come on. Come on, girls. You’re supposed to be ladies. Move. With elegance. And And That’s good. Now go on. Let’s see it go back. Ohh Right and left. Back. Get back. Back. All the way back. What, have you broken your neck, darling? Move your head back. , , Oh, Tiffany, you cow. That’s it. Your other left. That’s good. All right. Now have fun, girls. Have fun. Keep that elevation. Reach the ceiling. Roll over. Don’t change your hair for me Not If you care for me Stay Little valentine Stay Each day Is Valentine’s Day Tkk. Good night. You play much tennis? Nah. You gotta kinda isolate that little area. What little area? I mean, the tennis court becomes like Game You read any Zen? No. It becomes your universe. And you become one with that space. One time, when I was, uh, riding in a cruiser, before I got into Vice Game Yeah? I got a call that there was a domestic squabble. And I was by myself in the cruiser that day. Had no partner. Hmm. So I went to this very, uh Game depressed part of town. And I had to go around the back of this house and up these steps. I knocked on the door, and this lady opened the door Game hysterical, crying, and was she bleeding. Well, I guess the guy had hit her or smacked her or something. And so I stepped inside, and then this guy just stepped out of Game , the closet or someplace. I didn’t see him. Hmm. And he had a. in his hand. He was ranting and raving, and I thought he was gonna kill me. I thought, God, I’m gonna buy it right here. What’d you do? Well Game I looked down the barrel of that gun, and I thought, Oh, . So I just Game I had to cease to exist. Do you know what I mean? I wasn’t there. I pulled my antennae in, and I just, uh Game minimized my force field. Mmhmm. I disappeared. You disappeared? Yeah. I wasn’t there. I Game I gave him nothing. He felt nothing from me. No hostility, no animosity Game ‘Fraid that he could hear my heart beating, though Game and walked into the other room.