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Shame on you, brother, for even being in a gambling game. I’m sorely tempted to give you back your money. But my conscience tells me you ought to learn your lesson. Look, Johnson, all three of us dropped our whole day’s pay. Game But them dice are loaded it ain’t legal. Game Look out, the blues are coming. All right, stay where you are. Well, if it isn’t my old friend, The Deacon. Just a quiet little game going on here, officer. All that money’s yours, eh, Deacon? Since it’s laying there, it’s open. Game We were just breaking up the game. Game Give me the dice. How much is down there? Thirty Game six bucks. Deacon, I’m shooting thirty Game six bucks. And you’re fading me. No sir, Officer Kelly, I ain’t. I said you’re fading me for thirty Game six bucks. What do they say, Deacon? You and I both know what they say. All right boys, pick up your money. Next time be careful who you shoot craps with. Deacon, here, makes his living this way. He’s a leech. A human bloodsucker. But yell too loud when you lose, you’re liable to wind up with no head. So wise up and get out of here. Game You ain’t going to take me in? Game Of course not, Deacon. By the way, how many times have I arrested you so far this month? Game Was it three? Game No sir, four. And that’s more than enough. I’ve been punished. I see the light. Living on the misery of poor little souls. Shame on me. I’m going to throw the book at you this time Deacon. You’re really going to take me in? You’re through shaking people down for a while, Deacon. Because you’re going to live at the county. Then the only people you’ll be shaking down are the dumb taxpayers like me. Game Let me go and I’ll even get a job. Game Get in. Big responsibility looking out after the public, isn’t it? Just routine. But I got a definite offer if I can just put the act together. It’s no use, Gregg. I’ve thought about it but I’ve got other plans. I told you about it, didn’t I? A comic routine; Mr. and Mrs. bit.