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No no game How will he manage on his own? I am not asking you to leave him. even I haven’t left my mother game I am just saying I hope you realize he is a selfish man game no he’s not game Ya he is and even if he is game he’s my father game If he’s your father then why do behave like his mother? Because Rana, after a certain age parents can’t live on their own, game they need to be kept alive game and that responsibility is of kids only game so if someone wants to marry me game He’ll have to adopt your year old kid too game ? Of course game will you marry me? I haven’t gone mad game Then don’t worry about me game No no I am not worrying dad used to take us there game to show steamers game there can you see game there game ? Please come down, Aunt Chhobi is here game h game Bhaku da game Piku game Binod game how are you all? Wait wait game am coming How come game why game l mean game there game surprised you! game Surprise game well game Where’s Piku? Piku’s gone out game Aunty game Your uncle suddenly made a plan for Darjeeling, game so I thought I’ll meet you all on the way game now come fast. Ok ok Thank you dear game cheers! Bhaku da game hey Bhaku da What is it game why is your mood off? Now you’re in Kolkata game no game l am thinking game about Piku? No point game that Sourobh is already married now game you didn’t like him game so what’s the need of this ‘thinking’ now game ? I am thinking game when will you spare me game as in game ? I can’t believe game you’ve come here too game ok game so if you’ve such issues with me game I’ll go Last night I saw you seeing Piku game Can I go Dad? No game I was looking at you game Oh really, say the truth or else you’ll be in trouble Want enema game ? Look I am not meditating here game I am ready for fourth marriage also If you’ve done little game then do the rest later game lets end this here for today game So Mr.Choudhry game ready to go back to Delhi game ? Oh done with badminton game ? Yeah game why game ? So who all are there in your family? My sister, mother