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Call them off, Ann. The guy is crazy. I ain’t done nothing to you, Ann. I liked you. Remember at Tony’s? You’ll help me, won’t you, Ann? You have about a minute to do some remembering too, Acello. I want you to remember a harmless old man who died in the gutter. I want you to remember every dirty trick you ever pulled. Remember all you can, Acello. Breathe deeply these next seconds. It will be all you get. Stop it! Stop it! I’ll squeal! I’ll tell you everything! Alright, talk Acello. “Talk fast. It’s your only chance.” I killed Devlin! I killed Comos and put that stuff on the Mochado. But Werther made me do it. Martin Werther, the big-shot. And there was Roth, Ranelli. I’ll tell it all. “I’ll tell everything.” Don’t be a fool, . Stop it, stop it, stop it! Hey, wake up there. Now, where is Miss Graham? Quick! The old Van Selor Mansion. Near Stanford. I know the place. Near the water. You lying, Acello? No, it’s the truth. Only take it away. Take it away. You don’t like it, huh? That’s too bad. Here. Have a good look.